Friday, November 25, 2011

My fav colour this Christmas.....

Morning everyone, it's Friday at last. Just popped on to share this card with you, I love these  Me to You papers and this Santa image from Just Ink Lined and I have made a load of cards with this combination this year. Again not a very good photo because of the light factor, I ever used my daylight lamp to photograph this but it didn't make much of a difference there's just no substitute for good old
I'm just filling in time while I'm waiting for the engineer to come today to either fix my Fridge/freezer or confirm it dead.  The latter would suit me as this is the second time in 5 weeks I've had to throw out a freezer full of food....grrr. 
Two nights ago we had a feast as everything was defrosting I cooked up all the meat and chicken and pizzas to use them up. Unfortunately there are only three people in this household and I couldn't store it in the fridge as it conked out that night too, so most of it went in the bin.  Ahh!! the joys....

Tomorrow William & I are off to a Wedding in Glasgow at the House for an Art Lover, for those of you who are not familiar with the venue it was designed by the famous Architect 
Charles Rennie MacKintosh and is a favourite for Weddings. My Nephew was also Married here this year and we had a fabulous day. I Love MacKintosh designs and just soaked up the atmosphere the whole day long, so I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. Please please please let the sun shine...........


  1. love the colour combo as well Vee, drat about the freezer, we insured our dishwasher and when it broke it took several weeks and several engineers to prounounce it had died, fingers crossed that its sorted real soon

  2. Kaunis Joulupukki :))
    Kiitos kommentistasi blogissani--hyvää viikon alkua!
    Meillä täällä sataa lunta !


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