Tuesday, November 08, 2011

For my Sweet little Grandaughter Niamh who is 1 year old today....

 My Grand Daughter Niamh was 1 year old today,I can hardly believe the time has gone so fast. We had a little Cup Cake party tonight and she had a ball. Below is the card I made for her. It's a bit larger than I normally make this one is 8" x8".

Here's the Birthday girl on the Zebra Hubby and I got for her.

And here is her Birthday Cake...........Mmmmm Yummy Cup Cakes!!. it was amazing. As you can see she just loved it, all pink and sparkly.

Just had to squeeze this one in, it was taken last week at Halloween she was a Snow Princess, the dress was gorgeous and she couldn't wait to take it off as you can see in the second pic...lol


  1. Hi Vee,
    Your card is absolutely stunning. Fabulous pinks and a super cute image. Gorgeous work.
    I love the photos - such special memories to hold.
    Fiona x

  2. A beautiful card for a beautiful girl. Glad you all had a lovely birthday tea. Elaine


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