Sunday, October 12, 2008


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Thanks for including me Babz...
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Isn't funny when you're asked about yourself it's really hard to think of things....Well here goes..

  1. Hubby and I will be celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary in March next year, hopefully somehwere
  2. I have two gorgeous Grandson's who I watch on Thursdays & Fridays. One three and a half and the other a year and 9 months old.....handfull but very
  3. My favourite food has got to be Italian with Indian as a close second I also enjoy Chineese as well.
  4. I have a huge Dolls House which Hubby made for me. I made 95% of the furnishings and fittings and it now stands proudly in my Mother-in-Laws hallway. It got too big for our bedroom and she loved it so much I passed it on to her. I'll post some pics later if I can find them.
  5. I used to do a lot of cross stitch and once did a very large pic of a 'Dolls House' which I worked by counting the stitches on a small picture of it that I took from a Magazine. I used a magnifying glass and it took me all of 5 months to complete
  6. I have a lifelong passion for Teddies. I have 2 Steiff bears one Classic and one very cuddly, and loads ( lost count) of others.You can find a bear tucked away in most cupboards in my house. I also wear a gold Teddy round my neck that Hubby gave me on our first Anniversay.
  7. I love all types of music and enjoy dancing.

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All of the above have really inspired me in one way or another. I'm off now to put posts on their blogs.


  1. Thanks Vee. I will post my tag later.x

  2. Thanks Vera, need to put the thinking cap on. Elaine

  3. ooo lots of interesting facts here! Thanks for passing me it but I've already done it before, sorry!
    Looking forward to your next card update! xxx

  4. Thanks for the tag Vee, I will have to think of some interesting things about myself now, it may take a while :)
    Gina xxx


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