Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Glad you're back...

Hi!,  this is just a quick post to share this little card I was asked to make for a guy who was off work for a long time with a serious illness and is now returning. His colleagues wanted to welcome him back and all they wanted was this sentiment. Plain and simple..........Obviously he's an office worker (like myself) and I thought this image from DSB was just perfect.The papers are a mixture of Melissa Frances and Anita's Christmas Blue pad from a few years back. I just added some paper twine, candy dotted with a copic marker,a few paper clips and a small computer.
I've had such a lazy night and I really should be getting on with card orders but I just wasn't in the mood for crafting this evening.....I just seem to be very tired all the time these days I think it's the thought of Winter looming ahead......I hate it !! I'm a summer person and love the sunshine and heat and this awful weather just depresses me.  Unfortunately there's not a lot I can do to change it....lol  so I'll just keep thinking about my next holiday in the sun : )
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  1. A lovely way to welcome someone back to work. A perfect card. Elaine


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