Sunday, September 19, 2010

A little clear out.....

Hello again, not been on much this week 'cause it takes me ages to do a post with one hand.

However I had a little clear out of some stamps the other day and decided to put some on Ebay, so I've just finished doing it and thought I'd put a link here to the PB Christmas one for anyone who might be interested. The others are nearly all single ones except for a few.

Above is a pic of my desk this week. I've been searching through pics of my Grandsons so that I can do a little scrapbooking when this plaster comes off. Just thought I could do some of the time consuming ground work just now to save me time later. I never realised how many pics I actually have, there are literally thousands on my computer and also a huge box full as well. It's been great fun looking at them all and remembering them when they were little.
It's just so difficult choosing the ones I want as they're all so

Thanks for your visit today and I hope you have a great week ahead.

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  1. :-( @ the top piccy, poorly hand :-( !! on another note, ya have a stalker on ebay now!! (ya know i live on that site!!!) hehe!!! :-) oooo off to have a peek!! hope your ok hun make sure u rest that hand!! xxxx


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