Saturday, July 04, 2009

No card today.... WHY!!!!!!

'Cause it's my birthday..... and I'm hoping to receive cards rather than send them.....for a change.....
Hopefully the sun will shine. I'm going to a party for my Sister -in-laws Hubby tonight, Lee. He's so fab. It's was his 40th in May but his Nephew was seriously ill and he couldn't come up to Scotland then. Sooo.... the party is tomorrow. Two birthdays to celebrate so should be fun.... the whole family will be there so I hope Mr Sun puts in an appearance,...Might put some pics on here ...tomorrow.


  1. happy happy happy happy birthday, to YOU! :)

    i'm canadian, but happy fourth of july, too.

    happened across you by a fluke, but i'll be back!


  2. Happy Birthday Vee, hope that you have a wonderful day.. hugs rachxx

  3. Have a wonderful day & a great birthday (there's a little something in the post - sorry it's going to be a bit late!)

    Jan xx

  4. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday Dear VEE!
    Happy Birthday to you.

    May you have the most wonderful of days and may your mailbox fall off it's post with the weight of all the cards you receive!

  5. Happy Birthday Vee , love Susie xx


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