Thursday, December 18, 2008

I've been tagged.....

I've been Tagged by Denise at and I must appologise to her for taking so long to post this as I've not been too well for the past 4 weeks and just completely forgot about it. I did this before but for those of you who never saw it here goes. I must list 7 random or wierd facts about myself:
  • I have a lifelong passion for Teddies. I have 2 Steiff bears one Classic and one very cuddly, and loads ( lost count) of others. I also wear a gold Teddy round my neck that Hubby gave me on our first Anniversay

  • I have a huge Dolls House which Hubby made for me. I made 95% of the furnishings and fittings and it now stands proudly in my Mother-in-Laws hallway. It got too big for our bedroom and she loved it so much I passed it on to her.
  • I used to do a lot of cross stitch and once did a very large pic (36" x 28") of a 'Dolls House' which I worked by counting the stitches on a small picture of it that I took from a Magazine. I used a magnifying glass and it took me all of 5 months to complete

  • This is a weird one. I used to eat dry porridge straight from the packet when I was little. Yeuch!!!
  • I love to decorate when I get the time and the energy.
  • I enjoy going to the Ballet.
  • I don't like red meat. I eat mostly chicken and pasta
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