Friday, November 21, 2008

Hi there sorry Ive not been around this week I've had a chest infection and been off work and in bed most of the week. Feeling slightly better tonight. Just remembered that I never got round to passing this award on yet, sooo as most of you have already got it ( and deservidly so I might add) I'm passing it on to the following people with no appoligies if you already have it 'cause I STILL LOVE YOUR BLOGS. OMG I'm getting sooo must be the tablets I'm her goes.....

  • Elaine

  • Dawn

  • Gina

  • Bev

  • Natalie

  • Maria

  • Rach

Sorry for the delay ladies......but I got there eventually.


  1. Hi Vee,
    thank you for the wonderful award, and congratulations on receiving it yourself hun...hugs Rachxx

  2. Hope you don't mind me following your blog,what a fab blog you got there. i noticed you on NGCARDS & that you stay in Cumbernauld, so do i, .Denise x

  3. Sent you an email Vera.LOL....Denise x

  4. Thank you sweetie, sorry it's taken me so long to visit - not had a very good week at all and my computer probs aren't helping either.

    big hugs
    Bev x


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