Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I've had a lovely day, to start with my Hubby made me a new shelf unit , AND put 2 extra shelves in the crafty cupboard . I'm keeping him busy while we are both off work this week...Then my friend Elaine came for lunch and we had a great afternoon going through my stash and messing about on the computer, a few sandwiches cakes and bickies were also consumed while we played with my Copic pens. Elaine loved these and my shelf unit so poor Ronald ( Elaine's hubby) is going to get his ear bitten for all that extra wood out in the garage to be turned into something and don't forget the Copics Ron......
Picture of the shelf unit, I just put on a few of my fav stamps that I use the rest are still occupying the draws...( soon to be moved I might add to make way for other goodies) ......


And then I discovered I've been given an award from Natalie over on I was really chuffed and very surprised thanks Natalie. Why not take a look at her creations they are really gorgeous.......
I'm passing this award on to five other people who's creations and blogs have in some way inspired me, thank you all and I apologise if you already have this..... but hey! it's nice to get it again from someone else.


  1. Hi Vee,

    Are you kiddin?? such an honour to receive this award and I am so pleased you like my cards :)
    I'll add your name and blog to my post.. thanks a million, you've really made my day!

    Hugs, Marlene x

  2. oooo nice shelves! lol
    Glad you like the award!
    I could spy that card on top of the unit that I want! haha!

  3. Thank you Vee for your lovely award! I feel very honoured!X

  4. Thank you Vera, I feel very privilaged to receive this award.

    Elaine x

  5. Nice shelves do you rent your hubby out?lol
    kerry x

  6. Huge thanks for the award Vee, its very kind of you & most appreciated!
    Kerry xxx


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