Saturday, August 16, 2008


....Ebony.. I love this stamp. and all the other Ebony stamps as well. I just got my stamps today. and couldn't wait to have a play with them. This card was done with one of the stamped images that Natalie sent me( previous post) then the postie came and delivered my stamps.....Yeh heee. Been crafting all day...hubby is bowling so don't feel guilty about being up here in my wee crafty space.
Just me and Matt all day( my youngest, just graduated and has no job as yet) Awwww..Gave him some cash to go out with his pals but he
decided to just get in some beers and chill.....) His degree is Computer Annimation and Media Technology and involves him doing a showreel to show his work to prospective employers, and he is currently working on that.
I have added a link to some annimation he done a few years ago if anyone is interested in having a wee look.
As a Mum I am obviously really proud of his achievements and I know it is a very difficult area to get into. He had his first annimation on 'youtube ' when he was only 14 years old , when he was still at school and it got rave reviews. So here's hoping he will get into the annimation world jobwise, very soon.

Feel free to leave any comments for Matt here if you wish, and I will pass them on to him.

Take care. xxVee

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  1. this is fabulous well done Hun!! Sounds like you have a very clever son aswell! Xxx


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